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Online Art Galleries of Abstract Artist Michael Hurtack

Abstract Sun and Moon presents the online art galleries of abstract artist Michael Hurtack. These galleries are organized according to Michael's themes and contemporary art paintings. These web art galleries include his paintings on eight unique themes: Nature, Thought Provoking, Spiritual, Out Of The Box, Places, Color Explorations, Freestyle and Inspirational.
  • Nature depicts natural beauty and danger found in the world of nature.
  • Thought Provoking showcases new ways of looking at feelings, thoughts and emotions.
  • Spiritual illustrates spiritual journeys, trials and goals.
  • Out Of The Box features challenges of the modern world and personal growth concerns.
  • Places illustrates travel experiences and encounters with people.
  • Exploring Color depicts the color vibrations of people, events and feelings.
  • Freestyle looks at freedom, the unknown and letting go.
  • Inspirational depicts motivational issues and experiences.
Click on any art image below to visit his web art galleries. Each gallery contains an extensive collection of original abstract paintings. You can also use the thumbnail image links on the left to visit any of the galleries.

Michael hopes you enjoy these works as much as he did creating them.

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Thought Provoking

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Out Of The Box

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Exploring Color

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